8 Reasons Katy Perry & Taylor Swift Should Make Amends & Move On

You guys, this Taylor Swift/Katy Perry squabble is getting quite out of hand. In a recent interview with Billboardahead of her Super Bowl half-time performance on Feb. 1, Katy Perry touched on the Taylor Swift feud, saying, "If somebody is trying to defame my character, you're going to hear about it." I mean, I get it. Sometimes, people have a falling out. But, I hate to see two consummate professionals get involved in anything that detracts from their success and ultimate awesomeness. A public feud is just so... silly. Can’t Swift and Perry just put their differences and grievances aside and make up already?

Sure, it’s easier said than done, but there are so many more reasons why the two should be civil with each other again rather than perpetuate this tiff any further. The world is missing out on what could be a beautiful friendship.

While the ladies’ judgement is probably clouded with what I can assume is prolonged anger and hurt, mine isn’t, thankfully, and I can see all of the obvious points in favor of why the two should make amends. Let’s put it this way, since Perry tweeted that Swift was akin to Regina George: if Regina George and Cady Heron can forgive each other for their horrendous actions, I’m sure that Perry and Swift can forgive what is probably (hopefully) a far lesser crime.

Here are some reasons why these ladies should reconcile.

They could be such good friends, because they're more alike than they realize

I know, shocking.

For instance, they both love animals

And animals seem to really like them.

And dressing up like nerds

Although, not all nerds wear glasses, guys. Let's end that stigma.

And guest starring on popular sitcoms

Sup, How I Met Your Mother and New Girl?

But mostly, they really love anthems

KatyPerryVEVO on YouTube
TaylorSwiftVEVO on YouTube

So frickin' catchy.

They'd be able to exchange ideas for new witty and referential cat names

Honestly, I think I'd even let them name my future children.

They could collaborate!

Except, like, for real!

Their drama throwing off the balance of a positive Girl World

The limit for this could-be friendship doesn't exist.

Images: Giphy (7); awkwardtaylorswiftdancing/Tumblr