You NEED to Make Drunken Oreos This Weekend

Confession: I hate Jell-O shots. I do not, however, hate Jell-O pudding, so it's probably no surprise that boozy, pudding-filled Drunken Oreos sound like the greatest party food anyone has ever invented. Ever. I mean, how could you not want to run out to the grocery and liquor stores immediately for the ingredients for something called "Drunken Oreos?" It's Friday. We need to make sure we start our weekend right. And this? Is definitely it.

Created by the mad food geniuses (and I mean that in the best way possible) over at Foodbeast, this delightful video instructs us on how to take two classic childhood snacks — Oreos and instant pudding — and make them suitable for adults. Not that they weren't already suitable for adults anyway — there's no statute of limitations on either Oreo or pudding enjoyment — but there's no denying that they both get a lot more fun when you add a little booze into the mix. Sure, you could make a batch of these as a last-minute addition to your Super Bowl party spread... or you could make 'em and keep 'em all to yourself. If there's one surefire way to turn a grownass adult into Cookie Monster, this is probably it.

Get the general gist of how to make these beauties in five pictures below, and scroll down to watch the whole video. Oh, and don't forget to head on over to Foodbeast for more pointers — including a drink pairing. Go on. You know you want to find out into what one should dunk one's Drunken Oreos. Hint: It's not milk.

1. Make the Filling

Combine two packs of Oreo pudding mix with two cups of milk in a bowl and whisk, whisk, whisk it up.

2. Add the Booze

Pour four shots of your favorite type of alcohol into the milk and pudding mixture. I suspect that vodka will probably serve your purposes best, since it tastes like whatever you mix it with — but hey, no one's stopping you from using rum or whatever, so go nuts. Then whisk everything a bit more.

3. Let It Cool

It'll go faster if you have Queen Elsa of Arendelle on hand to help out, but your fridge should work just fine, too.

4. Prepare the Oreos

Here's where it gets a tiny bit complicated, but it's nothing you can't handle: Grab an Oreo, carefully twist the halves apart, and scrape out the frosting from the inside (go ahead and eat it; I won't tell anyone). Do this for as many Oreos as you want until you have a small army of dismembered Oreo halves.

5. Build Your Booze-tastic Oreo Monsters

Pick up an Oreo half, spread it with some of your boozy, pudding-y filling, and slap a second Oreo half on top. Lather, rinse, repeat until you've used up all your Oreo halves. I would imagine they'll probably hold together a little better if you stick 'em back in the fridge to firm up again when you're done making them... but let's face it: You're going to shove them all in your face the second you're finished putting them together, aren't you?

Or maybe that's just me.


Watch the full video below, and check out more over at Foodbeast.

Images: omidilmener/Instagram; JanetandPhil/Flickr; foodbeastTV/YouTube (4); Giphy