11 Lessons Aqua's "Barbie Girl" Music Video That Can & Should Be Applied To Your Life — VIDEO

(DISCLAIMER: Watching the music video posted below may result in Aqua's song “Barbie Girl” getting stuck in your head for the remainder of the day, possibly for the remainder of the weekend. Actually, there’s a chance the song could get stuck in your head for the rest of your life. It's just that infectious. Proceed with caution.)

Up until a few nights ago, it'd been at least 10 years since I'd listened to pop quartet Aqua’s international hit “Barbie Girl”. (If you'd told me back in 1997 there'd come a day when "Barbie Girl" didn't play on the radio at least once an hour, I'd tell you to go eat some pizza-scented Gak. I wouldn't have believed you.) But thanks to SiriusXM station '90s on 9, my dry, Aqua-less spell was over. When the song began, I gasped, cranked the volume, and sang along. I'd missed it so much. After the song ended, I wanted to watch the music video. Proactive person that I am, I immediately pulled the music video up on the YouTube.

As I watched, I noticed the "Barbie Girl" music video is packed to the gills with life lessons. Let's dive in!

If someone invites you to go for a ride in his or her pink convertible, toss whatever might be in your hands in the air:

If you want to put a bathtub in your yard, go for it:

If you want to polish your scalp while you talk on the phone, go for it:

If you want to put a dryer chair in your front yard, go for it:

Never forget to feed your dog statue:

A magical glow may appear when you plant a smooch on a horse, so don't freak out:

Don't let that guy who gestures at you with a menacing claw hand hang out in your pool:

If you'd rather listen to music and dance around while wearing roller skates than go to a party, that's totally fine:

Seriously, stay away from swimming claw hand guy:

Always be sure to pack cotton candy for a convertible ride:

If you accidentally rip someone's arm off...

...You should dance around with the disembodied limb:

Life in plastic IS fantastic!

AquaVEVO on YouTube

Images: AquaVEVO/YouTube (13)