'Glee's Self-Referential Faberry Jokes & Outrageous Klaine Plot Lines Prove The Series' Final Season Caters To The Fans

Glee fans old and new, if there's ever been a time to really invest in the series, that time is now. In its sixth and final season, the polarizing Fox show is revitalizing itself to its old humor and charm thanks to finally catering to their fans. Like Community, Glee is finally re-embracing their old ways of not taking itself too seriously all the time. Season 6 has been filled with self-referential, meta jokes at the characters' and plots' expense, and they're even exploring and referencing the greatest fan hopes, dreams and deepest desires. From Sue's obsession with Klaine taking over her life to little jokes about lost characters and never before explored relationships, Glee is using its final season to give the fans everything they've ever wanted in the most clever way possible. And it's about damn time.

One of the biggest story lines of Season 6 has been the possible reunion of Blaine and Kurt at the hands of Sue's crazy antics. We've seen her wall of weird images (both real and fake) devoted to the couple, but in "The Hurt Locker, Part 2," Sue's obsession went well beyond her normal level of insane. Sue trapped Klaine in a makeshift elevator (complete with a bathroom) and rolled out one of the creepiest images of all time to persuade them to kiss and rekindle their fire: I present Jigsue.

Sue created a creepy, little doll that rode around on a tricycle, reminiscent of the Jigsaw killer in the Saw franchise to ride into Klaine's makeshift elevator and threaten them into necking. Literally. The doll told Klaine that if they wanted to get out alive, they had to make out, or they would have to sit in the elevator with a romantic meal for two as the heat continued to climb, leading to more and more of their clothes coming off.

Super crazy, right? Well it kind of worked as Klaine did ultimately give fans a huge step in the right direction towards a reunion when they made out. And by the looks on their faces after their steamy lip-lock, they definitely realized they still had feelings for one another.

But that's not all folks. Glee took other steps to really give the fans their perfect last season as "The Hurt Locker, Part 1" had Sue go on a tirade against her former friend Mr. Schue with some of the greatest quotes referencing Glee's many plot and character holes throughout the season:

"You pick only the vulnerable students to favor while actively ignoring the others, like that gross kid with the dreadlocks, or that poor Irish kid, or that black dancer whose name none of us remember...You worship a kid if they can so much as carry a tune, and yet you don’t know the name of the only true musical geniuses in that choir room, THE BAND, who have demonstrated time and again that they can, at the drop of a hat, play any song you can name...Your charms wore off a long time ago. Somewhere around Bieber week."

Despite my annoyance at Sue's many flip flops and angry outbursts towards the glee club over the years, I have to give her props on these points. She most certainly hit the nail square on the head. And the fun didn't stop there. In "The Hurt Locker, Part 2," Sue also revealed to Becky that she had clips of Klaine moments together, including even a dream sequence. How could she have possibly gotten this? Seriously, it's implausible and even Becky thought so.

Then of course, there was one of the best meta, Tumblr-related references of the night courtesy of new "head bitch" of the New Directions: Kitty. While Rachel was working her hardest to try and get Kitty to rejoin the glee club by researching her and reciting all the information she had learned, Kitty asked Rachel if her intention was to hit on her. If so, Kitty had another name in mind for Rachel's first lesbian romance, a name that may have blown up a few Glee internet fan websites during the episode.

To be honest, I'm so glad the Glee is finally realizing that the way to properly end the series is to give the fans what they've always wanted in the most clever ways possible, and to go back to being a comedy that, well, is actually comedic. The series took many dark turns over the years and while many of the more intense plot lines worked well, after a while the show became too melodramatic and soap operatic for its own good. It's time to come back to the light, and the Glee seem to agree. I'm genuinely excited to see the series through to the end, and I can bet that many fans are with me again.

Images: Adam Rose/FOX; Fox (screenshot); becauseofthebowties, kurtdevon, peetahales/Tumblr