J.K. Simmons Turns 'SNL' Monologue into 'Whiplash' Drum-Off, And You Won't Believe Who Showed Up

It has been a week of speculation on how SNL will allow host J.K. Simmons to bring his Oscar nominated Whiplash movie to the late-night show, and we didn't have to wait long to get our answer. In his monologue, Simmons gave SNL cast members (and one alum!) the Whiplash treatment with a play on the dragging/rushing scene in the movie. Kyle Mooney, Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson, and Leslie Jones all gave it their all to prove to be the most skilled drummer on the SNL staff, but it wasn't until SNL veteran Fred Armisen took to the drums to prove he had what it takes to please Simmons.

After the beginning of the week proved to be a "no-pacolypse" instead of a "snowpacolyspe" in New York, Simmons, Bryant, and Mooney bonded and wrote a song for the no-storm. Mooney started on the drums, being counted in by Simmons (just like in Whiplash), but couldn't figure out the right beat — "dragging!" Simmons yelled. Come on, Kyle! Don't you know what happens when you make Fletcher — er, I mean Simmons — mad? Did you guys deadbolt that keyboard or drum set to the floor?

Other SNL cast members, like Pete Davidson and Leslie Jones, gave it a go. Jones proved, once again, to be a rockstar, yelling back at Simmons, "You need to pump your breaks, dude," because Leslie Jones doesn't take crap from anyone! My girl!

After everyone else failed to please Simmons, SNL alum, Fred Armisen came out and offered to show them how it is done. Armisen suggested that Simmons didn't have to yell at people and be mean, because he knows that Simmons is, deep down, a "little sweetie." Armisen humored the audience by playing the drums for a hot second, even though I wanted more. The monologue wasn't as Whiplash-y as I had hoped, I was itching for a full sketch, but it delivered exactly what we were hoping for... a hot-tempered Simmons ripping people to shreds. BONUS: Fred Armisen.