JK Simmons' 'SNL' Promos Give Him the 'Whiplash' Treatment & It's A Perfect Preview Of The Parody To Come — VIDEOS

It's rare that an SNL promo doesn't act as a precursor to how the night is going to go, and, if JK Simmons' Saturday Night Live promos are any indication of his time at the show, then we're in for a real treat this Saturday. In the promos, we see Simmons in a much more carefree light than we did in Whiplash, but that doesn't mean that his character won't make an appearance on SNL.

In the first two promos, Simmons and SNL cast member Kenan Thompson take to the "winter wonderland" that New York City didn't experience earlier this week, poking fun at the fact that there was a lot of hype over a little snow. The third promo — inside, thankfully, because it's might not be snowy, but it is cold in the city — is simple, random, and hilarious. It features Thompson asking Simmons if he ever gets lonely — a swift "no" by Simmons — and is awkward in the best SNL awkward way.

The stand out promo is the final one, where Simmons gets the Whiplash treatment from Thompson, being beaten down for not getting the tempo right for the promo. Thompson ends up smacking him with papers in frustration, leaving those of us who have seen Whiplash fully aware that there could be a Whiplash parody in our SNL future. And we already have hopes and expectations for that aforementioned parody. Or, at least, I do.

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Music Lessons by Fletcher

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In which Simmons' character Fletcher teaches music lessons to a doe-eyed SNL cast member, with that certain soft-spoken nature he has about him. Not.

Rushing or Dragging Sketch

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Similar to the promo, a sketch where Simmons is angered by the rushing or dragging by his SNL band, and I do mean angered him into the point of oblivion. I'm talking throwing things, throwing people (Pete Davidson, perhaps?), think murderous rampage... maybe without the murder.

An Old Fashioned Drum-Off

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I don't know if anyone has any drum skills on the SNL team, but a drum-off, á la Jimmy Fallon's Will Ferrell/Chad Smith would be amazing.

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