Idina Menzel's Super Bowl National Anthem Performance Was Solid & We Shouldn't Be Surprised — VIDEO

As the game rages on, let's talk about Idina Menzel's National Anthem performance at the Super Bowl. It's no secret that the National Anthem is very difficult to sing, but, make no mistake: Idina Menzel is known for making things her own. During Sunday's Super Bowl pre-grame performance, the Tony Award winner kept it simple, took things slow — and it paid off.

Though Menzel didn't go for a high belt at the end of the song, this was actually a smart choice in my opinion — the performance was still beautiful and controlled without it, like Menzel's performances generally are. (It should be noted that, at one point, there was some booing — however, that likely had more to do with the fact that Patriots Coach Bill Belichick was on the big screen rather than the fact Menzel was performing.)

While some of us fans were beyond giddy when Menzel's participation in the Super Bowl pre-game show was announced, others were a bit wary after the backlash that followed her New Year's Eve performance earlier this year — in other words, the pressure was on for Idina Menzel. However, Menzel managed to supply a wonderful performance that was one to be proud of, for sure.

Can't wait to relive the performance? Watch the full clip here!