'SNL' Jokes the Super Bowl & Women Don't Mix, Comes Up With a Laughable Alternative for Game Day

This just in, ladies: You might be bored during the Super Bowl game on Sunday, so SNL has created a Super Bowl Activity Pack for women for all your game day needs. On Saturday's episode, SNL made a pretty loud statement on women and the Super Bowl, suggesting in their (sarcastic) commercial that women need fun activities to occupy themselves during the game, because women can't enjoy sports in this world, I guess. Oh wait, yes we can!

The commercial was pretty humorous, since it's so far from the truth (and SNL knows this), but it was cheeky and some are surely going to find some sexism within it. Thing to remember: SNL was saying what we're all saying, or course women enjoy the Super Bowl. In the commercial, Totinos (the makers behind everyone's favorite pizza rolls) created an activity pack for women to enjoy in the kitchen while the men cheered on their favorite team.

Inside the activity pack was a game of Uno, a single crayon, connect the dots, a word search, and monopoly money so Vanessa Bayer's character could "count her own money." At one point, one of the men asked if Bayer wanted to join them to watch the game, when host J.K. Simmons, who played her husband, said she's busy with her activity pack in the kitchen. Super sexist, and super laughable.

Even though the commercial was done in jest, sexism in sports is very real, and very much an issue. Someone's gender doesn't decide if they like football, and trust me, SNL is very much aware of this.

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