Mac n' Cheese Like You've Never Seen It Before

If you want to step up your snack game for the Super Bowl tonight, look no further than this ultra-cheesy, ultra-fried creation, courtesy of The Vulgar Chef: the Cheetos Crusted Mac n’ Cheese Doughnut. Yes, you did read that right and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

The recipe is simple enough. Per The Vulgar Chef, all you need to do is cook the mac and cheese and transfer it to a doughnut-shaped mold. Then allow the dish to cool down for a few hours by putting the mold into the freezer. In the meantime, crush a bag of Cheetos. After the doughnut-shaped mac and cheese has cooled down, remove it from the mold and dunk it in an egg wash and the crushed Cheetos. Fry everything on low heat for about a minute, and voila! You've got a gooey, cheese-filled, artery-clogging snack to nosh on during the big game, or just after a particularly bad day.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure whether I find this thing super delicious-sounding, or just plain disgusting. But I am definitely intrigued. Plus, you gotta give the Vulgar Chef points for creativity. Frying mac and cheese into doughnuts is pretty ingenious in itself, but adding a crushed Cheetos crust? That takes it to a whole other level of unhealthy goodness (or maybe grossness. Like I said, I really can’t decide!).

Feast your eyes on this beast:

Happy noshing!

Image: Fotolia