'Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams Hates Patronizing Adults & More Tidbits From Her AMA

Friday January 30th was a super exciting day for Game of Thrones fans. They got to see the Season 5 trailer, learned that they wouldn't get to read a new George R.R. Martin book any time soon, and got to bombard the true badass Westeros queen that is Arya Stark. Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, answered fans' questions on Reddit on Friday.

Though very forthcoming, something Williams did not deliver on was spoilers for Season 5. For that, we will just have to wait. But she did talk about her experiences on set, as well as her experiences as a 17-year-old. Here are some of her best answers.

On Fame

badgeofdescension: Hi Maisie, thanks for doing this AMA. What's been the biggest change in your life since starting Game of Thrones? Also, which cast member is most like their character on the show?maisiewilliamsAMA: Being recognized in the street. I used to enjoy being quite anonymous, and now I have to kind of be aware that people know who I am sometimes.

Rory is quite similar to The Hound before breakfast, in that, if he hasn't eaten, he's kind of grumpy! haha! But I love 'im regardless.

Metfan715: At what point did you realize that Game of Thrones was becoming a huge dealmaisiewilliamsAMA: Season 3. At the season 3 premiere, we went to the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, and stepping out of the car, with hundreds of people screaming my name, is when I realized that this show completely changed my life. It was very, very daunting - I found it quite scary - but it happened gradually, so I had time to get used to it.

Stories From The Set

Aydum: What are your biggest struggles while on the set of the show Game of Thrones?maisiewilliamsAMA: Very long hours. Because I love to sleep. I like sleeping more than most of my siblings. So staying awake and working long, long hours is very difficult.
DeargDoom79: Being a Belfast native, I'd just like to ask what it's like filming heremaisiewilliamsAMA: FREEZING cold. But the people are lovely, so that makes up for it.
PrimoBags: You have any souvenirs from the show at home?maisiewilliamsAMA: I have sneakily removed some of the Faceless Man coins from set. And they have gone missing. And I have NO idea where they went!
Nitram1986: Have you had one of those "I can't stop laughing" moments on the GOT set? If so, what was so funny???maisiewilliamsAMA: The one time was in series 3, episode 8, when I was supposed to laugh anyway - when Arya cracked up laughing at the news of her dead aunt - and I was watching funny videos on my phone, so I giggled endlessly, and they liked it, and so did the audience.
CloudsOfDust: How's your left-handed swordplay coming along?maisiewilliamsAMA: MUCH better. I feel like I've improved a lot. I don't hit anyone, or myself, as much anymore. Still don't know if I could actually kill anyone though. I could try?

Her Likes

Nymeria Stark on YouTube
ambival3nt:Why are you so obsessed with the Lion King intro song?maisiewilliamsAMA: Because... it's kind of the only song that anyone can sing, no matter how good or bad their musical talent is. And it's just really catchy. And I just like doing it to animals. And they quite hate me for it, but it's funny. Like, I did it with a ladybird in a Vine. And immediately afterwards, it flew away. Which was very sad.
ThePetrocJac: How do you managae to work school/college around your acting? Also, what is your favourite subject?maisiewilliamsAMA: My favourite subject when I was at school (apart from the usual drama and english) was mathematics, and it was really hard to juggle school & work. And... I sort've... this is a tricky question - school took a bit of a back-seat, and I took my opportunities in live, and hopefully in the future, if I go down a different back, I can go back, get my grades, my certifications, and go and do something else if I want to.
Jsp:what is your favorite guilty pleasure movie?maisiewilliamsAMA: Oh! JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE. It's like, about 3 girls that fancy this one guy, and it's so cheesy, but I can't stop watching it, ever.

And Dislikes

Hoo0oper: What one thing really pisses you off?maisiewilliamsAMA: Patronizing adults, saying "back in my day, blahblahblah" because I'm sure they found it annoying in their day when adults said back in MY day - I don't know what it was like in your day, I was only born 17 years ago, so stop being patronizing about it!

On Nymeria The Direwolf

thejoblessasshole: Hi Maisie, Do you still have contact with/see/visit the wolf from book 1 of game of thrones (nymeria i think) ?maisiewilliamsAMA: I don't get to see the dogs anymore. But after my dog (who played Nymeria) finished playing Nymeria, she actually went on to play Shaggy Dog, and they dyed her. She was the best behaved dog out of all of them, so she ended up playing all the other wolves, even though she was mine originally. Yeah. It's cool!

A Tiny Teaser

C-Hutty: Hello Maisie, has there been a scene so far in Game of Thrones that was particularly difficult?maisiewilliamsAMA: There's actually a scene in the coming season... which was my most difficult scene to film. And I think fans are going to be really excited about it. More emotional than we've seen Arya in previous seasons.

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