'Power Rangers' Star Ricardo Medina, Jr. Arrested for Murder After Stabbing Roommate — REPORT

You might not know Ricardo Medina, Jr. by name, but you do probably know him as the Red Power Ranger. And now, he might become notorious for something else. On Sunday, TMZ reported that the former Power Rangers star was arrested on Saturday in Palmdale, CA for allegedly stabbing his roommate Jason Sutter — with an actual sword.

Medina called 911 himself to report the stabbing; apparently, he and Sutter got into an altercation at their home. Medina's girlfriend was also present, and the two were in Medina's bedroom when Sutter forced his way in — which is when Medina literally impaled him with a sword, stabbing him through his abdomen. Sutter did not die immediately but was rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Medina was booked for murder and his bail is set at a whopping one million dollars. Of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, except calling the police himself and telling them he stabbed his roommate WITH A SWORD is a pretty blatant admission of guilt.

Medina played the red ranger in Power Rangers Wild Force and also later starred in Power Rangers Samurai.