5 Super Bowl Prop Bets That Were Beyond Weird — And Whether They Paid Off

Every year, when the Super Bowl rolls around, countless Americans decide to stake a little money on the outcome. Like it or not, it's a reality of the society we all live in: some people like to gamble. But not everybody is just betting on the outcome — that would be too boring. In fact, quite the contrary, there are always an assortment of peculiar, highly specific "prop" bets on offer for the aspiring NFL gambler. So, which crazy Super Bowl prop bets paid off this year?

All credit to the fine folks at SB Nation, who've compiled a list of some of the most common, compelling examples of Super Bowl prop bets — want to wager a few hundred dollars on how often the broadcasters will use the words "deflated balls?" What person the MVP will mention first in their post-game comments? What color Bill Belichick's hoodie will be? Well, never fear, because Las Vegas has you covered. Here are some of the strangest Super Bowl prop bets this year, and how they turned out. I personally can't imagine staking any of my money on these sort of things, but hey, I'm not much a gambler in any sense.

The Outcome Of The Pre-Game Coin Flip

This is one of the common prop bets a lot of people have heard about — when the official flips the coin at the start of the game, determining which team gets to decide to kick or receive, what side is face-up? Basically, the oldest question in the book, heads or tails? Well, this year, it was tails — the outcome that dramatically less people pick, for some statistically bewildering reason. So, congrats if you made the right call!

Will Idina Menzel Flub A Word In The National Anthem?

Hell no she won't!

Will Katy Perry Wear A Skirt, Pants, Or Shorts To Begin Her Halftime Show?

Skirt! That'll make a little money for some lucky fans at home — even if she pulls a mid-show costume change, it's her first-appearance costume that's key. Incidentally, this was a win for the favored odds.

How Long Will Idina Menzel's Anthem Rendition Take?

This one was actually the subject of some fascinating controversy — apparently, a glut of last-minute max wager that Menzel would take more than two minutes and five second resulted in this particular prop bet being suspended. Allegations have been swirling that the bets were the result of leaked insider information. So, sad to say, if you came by this bet honestly, you might be out of luck.

What Color Was Bill Belichick's Hoodie?

How do people not feel endlessly silly spending money on stuff like this? This is the sort of bet that probably appeals to someone who wants to get some of the drama over with quickly, since it was in the books before the opening kickoff had even occurred. If you bet blue, you bet true — Bill Belichick is wearing a blue hoodie, everyone!