Nationwide's Super Bowl Commercial With The Dead Boy Makes Everyone Really Sad & Angry — VIDEO

Nationwide Insurance’s commercials for the Super Bowl started out okay — Mindy Kaling’s “Am I Invisible” spot featured Mindy going through a car wash and then trying to kiss Matt Damon, providing viewers with the laughs expected during a Super Bowl ad. But then, something took a dark turn. Nationwide’s second commercial, dubbed “Make Safe Happen,” started off innocently enough, with a young boy trying to ride his bike with his friends. It looks like a lovely, enjoyable afternoon for a kid, but then the commentary starts: The boy starts listing all of the things he’ll never get to do, including kiss a girl and get married. Why won’t he be able to make those one-of-a-kind life moments?? Because he’s dead. He died in a horrible childhood accident.

This tone-deaf commercial is like the end of The Sixth Sense , except we are all eating spicy, cheesy nachos and seeing dead babies instead of Haley Joel Osment. Recognizing the uncomfortable discord in screaming at the television while eating chili and watching a commercial about kids who have passed away, Twitter got to talking about “Make Safe Happen.” Nationwide didn’t read the room of screaming football fans quite right, and boy, oh boy, was the Internet ready to throw Nationwide to the wolves in Budweiser's Super Bowl commercial.

Nationwide's intentions were certainly pure — keeping children safe is an important issue for any household — but the Super Bowl is definitely not the place to make this point.

Late Sunday night, Nationwide issued a statement regarding their "Dead Kid" ad to NBC News:

Image: Nationwide Via YouTube