All The Times Kylie's Hair Matched Her Lips

The media and haters have a lot to say about Kylie Jenner's very full and defined lips. Kylie Jenner's lips aren't the only feature she accentuates, though. She's also known for her extreme false lashing and her hair, which is usually black and often skims her shoulders with its length, but she's also had pitstops at turquoise, chocolate brown, gray, and ombre. She isn't afraid to rock tumbling mermaid waves (with the help of extensions), either. Even with all the crazy colors, it isn't uncommon to see Kylie Jenner match her hair and lipstick. While it might sound a little corny on paper, somehow, this kid — and she is a kid at 17, not turning 18 until August — makes it work.

This is just one more piece of proof that Kylie Jenner certainly has the most adventurous style of all her sisters. You'd think she'd only be able to do it two or three times, but throughout much of 2014, it was a fairly common occurrence on her Instagram feed, before she started catching all that flack for those overly plump and overly drawn lips of hers, which showcase her skills as a makeup artist.

Here are 12 times that Kylizzle matched dem lips to dat hair. Enjoy.

1. Blackout

Her monochromatic, matte lips were exactly the same shade as her locks. She didn't need any other makeup because the lips and hair made enough of a statement.

2. True Blue

Jenner admitted that her momager and Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner hated the blue hair... So, naturally, she took it up a notch by matching her matte mouth to those strands.

3. Black Track

More black on black, including her talons.

4. This Look Matches Her Brows, Too

Notice that her perfectly sculpted lips also matched the flawlessly arched brows.

5. Neutrality

Jenner's locks were a neutral, honeyed shade, just like her nude lipstick. This look is not nearly as extreme as the black and blue ones, but I still appreciate the coordination.

6. Back to Black

While I love her skully ring and her gray nails, she balanced out her inky locks with equally carbon lips.

7. Honey

Jenner's extreme ombre look here was also balanced by a soft, nude matte lip.

8. Don't Forget Your Roots

Jenner matched her deeply stained lips to her dark roots. While the lips had a berry cast, it was still a whole lotta darkness.

9. Brown-Eyed (And Lipped) Girl

Jenner's a brown-eyed girl and here, she matched her lips and her hair color accordingly.

10. Is That Red?

This could be the lighting, the natural sun, or even an old IG filter, but her lips and highlights had a red tint here.

11. Wednesday Addams

Back when she had longer hair, Jenner wore sooty lips and it had an overall gothic, Wednesday Addams vibe. Love, love, love.

12. Chocolate Kisses

Jenner's brown lipstick was very similar to her semi-normal brown hair. This looksscreams '90s model-off-duty... and I'm obsessed.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (13)