13 International Fashion Bloggers You Will Adore

by Melodi Erdogan

Fashion is a global affair. Beyond the four main capitals of Paris, London, Milan and New York, there are fashion epicenters in every city, state, province and country, proving there are stylish people everywhere. Because clothing is such a necessary element of life (unless you live somewhere sunny and wear bikinis the whole year long, in which case I'm jealous of your life), no matter your culture or the language you speak, you can still express yourself through your own personal style. And this is something evidenced by the many international fashion bloggers out there doing their own thing, and inspiring us all.

With the creation of the Internet, fashion news and updates have become extremely easy to obtain. In a way, the world has shrunk: Now, anyone with wi-fi can witness the runways at Copenhagen Fashion Week or scout out the best designs from Hong Kong. And let's not forget that this has also led to a [respective] rise in fashion bloggers resorting to the Internet to share their style through a personal, digital diary. Thus, international fashion and style has become relevant no matter your location, and the plethora of fashion bloggers blogging from every corner of the world presents a variety of inspiration for every style.

Whether it’s the ultra-glam blogger from Sweden, the understated minimalist from Finland, or the pretty, preppy pink-lover from Australia, there’s an international blogger for everyone. While they maintain the same standards of North American bloggers, with regular posts, a variety of outfit and lifestyle advice, and sometimes even a focus on beauty, their original styling, unique fashions and one-of-a-kind structure are undeniably different from bloggers in the states. While it’s easy to stick to what we already know in the fashion industry within national borders, its super fascinating to be able to see what’s trending in Tokyo or what the latest fad is even a few hours north of Toronto.

So, spice up your RSS/Bloglovin’/Instagram feed with a few international bloggers who strike your fancy. You may have to endure major wanderlust, wishing you could visit every different country these bloggers are from. But if you can’t be there, why not dress like you ARE there?


Sandra Hagelstam calls both London, England and Helsinki, Finland home. So naturally her blog is a split between London's modern lines and Helsinki's trendy items. She proves that black is the only color that matters, and that classic items — like tailored pants and turtleneck sweaters — look even better with modern takes like major flares and thick knits (within reason, anyway). Her blog, with its sets of beautiful photographs, will have you lusting for a sexy yet modern wardrobe.



Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Kenza Zouiten is a blogger whose winter style and summer style are both flawless. Her glam yet pretty outfits pair perfectly with her diary-like blog, organized and fluid with colorful, bright photography. On her site, she shares everything from daily workout routines to shots from brunch and family vacations. Her life seems perfect, and so does her chic, sexy wardrobe.



Who would have thought that a girl from Paris, France would embrace the Wild West? Such is the nature of Le Blog De Betty, written by Betty Autier. The French native blogs via her travels around places like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and, of course, Paris. Her style is combination of leather with gems, unexpected yet chic all the same.



Helsinki, Finland might not initially seem like a fashion center, but Mariana Makela proves otherwise. This blogger's simple, understated style is both sophisticated and gorgeous. Her love of cashmere sweaters, leather bags, and sky high stilettos will have you reaching for basic pieces instead of loud statement ones. As an added bonus, Mariana loves sharing her interior decorations and designs, so feel free to classify this as a interior decor blog, too.



Arguably one of the most recognizable and well-known bloggers today, Kristina Bazan of Kayture seems to be everywhere these days. That being said, home is where your closet is, and for Bazan, that's in Geneva, Switzerland. Her beautiful ensembles and effortless accessory styling gives off the illusion of lush luxury. And even though she's probably rocking the real deals, her posts are perfect as inspiration for getting dressed on special occasions. Plus, her Instagram account is never-ending fun.



Annette Haga is based in Oslo, Norway, which is where she mainly blogs for her site, Nette Nestea. Her style is on trend and fashion forward, and she often wears some of the most desirable pieces on the fashion market, from a pair of Isabel Marant heels to a Givenchy bag. That being said, her styling and beauty advice is priceless and you're guaranteed to get some major tips directly from Annette.



Harper & Harley, a Sydney, Australia-based blog, is an effortless mix of minimalistic style, basic beauty tips, and essential shopping advice. While some bloggers have the tendency to overdo it when writing about all these topics, Sara Donaldson knows how to maintain a perfect, equal distribution. It's almost as though she writes her blog as if she were a reader herself, saying exactly what you were thinking as you were thinking it!



Gala Gonzalez of is a Spanish native based in London, England. Her style, which is a creative mix of modern lines and classic structure, is always unexpected but somehow timeless. Her love of patterns and brightly colored fabrics clashes with her sometimes super basic outfits, yet also provides for a perfect harmony of the modern woman's day-to-day wardrobe. Instead of sticking to just one style rhythm, she tries them all, and her blog is especially fascinating because of her willingness to experiment with pieces and share that with readers.



Andy Torres of the Style Scrapbook calls Sydney, Australia home, and Australia calls her one of the leading fashion bloggers in the country. This makes perfect sense with even just a glance at her blog: A continuous stream of sophisticated day looks, night looks, and workout ensembles. Taking trends like destroyed denim and cutouts and translating them into her own style not only inspires but also exemplifies everyone's ability to express themselves individually through clothes.



Talk about Pinterest-worthy. Tricia Gosingtian's blog, Tricia Will Go Places, is a personal account of travels, style, and delicious-looking food. Whether she's posting about her home town of Manilla in the Philippines, or blogging from abroad, her adorable yet sophisticated wardrobe is guaranteed to have you admiring her next-to-perfect style. And don't be afraid to Pin every photo she posts to your own Pinterest account, because that's what I totally did after discovering her blog.



Previously known as This Chick's Got Style, Yara Michels expanded her blog to become a holistic lifestyle experience with life advice (get those finances in check), creating content for your own personal blog (fashion week is hectic, after all), and, of course, outfit inspiration. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, content is created as a relatable outlook on today's social and fashion spheres while still being relevant no matter where you live. Chapter Friday is a great site for insight you may have never thought you needed.



Although she started her blog from Toronto, Canada, this Russian model and blogger seems to be around the globe lately. Sonya Esman's blog, admittedly geared towards a younger crowd (mostly because she herself is so young) is a punk, grunge, girly mix that initially seems like it wouldn't work but is totally amazing. Her world adventures fall second only to her cool, chic style — one that is hard to come by for young


Another very well-known blogger, this list felt incomplete without a mention of Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad. Ferragni, a native of Milan, Italy, recently made a business move to Los Angeles — although her style is a mix of European flair with a classic American twist. For every post she has wearing a vintage band t-shirt and destroyed denim jeans, she'll have a full look — from head to toe — from a major designer. Her style variety and ability to rock almost any kind of trend make her very likable, so it makes sense that she has over 3.2 million followers on Instagram.


Many apologies if you're suffering from wanderlust right now. On the bright side, at least you got a lesson in world geography? Maybe not worth it...

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