Britney Spears' 2015 Super Bowl Commercial Saved The Whole Game, You Guys — VIDEO

Let's give a lot of credit where a lot of credit is due. In the NFL's Super Bowl commercial, Britney Spears look good. Like, damn good. Like, I'm-not-so-sure-that's-real-life-Britney-and-not-CGI-Britney good. It's just been a while since fans have seen the 33-year-old singer looking happy, healthy, and down right radiant. She has some Super Bowl history — who could forget her halftime performance with 'NSync and her Pepsi ads — and now, she's making big game waves again. Guys! It's Britney bitch ... and she's a Saints fan!

The ad, which features fans, famous and not, gearing up to cheer on their favorite teams, is a little lackluster, but as soon as you see Britney, in a black a jersey, her honey-dyed blonde hair, and signature heavy eye-makeup, you can't help but crack a smile. She "rallys" for her team by putting on those applied black grease strips that athletes wear and staring into a Broadway-like, backstage mirror all by herself, likely meditating on her New Orleans Saints (she's from Louisiana, after all) and planning her big comeback.

Sure, her comeback is alive and kicking with her Vegas residency, but still. It's this Britney in the commercial — the happy, the talented (she sings! she sounds good!) the vibrant — that we want more of. That we miss. And yeah, I know you guys agree with me:

Watch Britney's clip from the commercial:

And the full ad here:

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