Puppy Bowl 2015 Featured A Puppy Making Adorable, Adorable History & Scoring Second Goal Ever — VIDEO

One of the best parts of Super Bowl Sunday (you know, apart from the actual game, the halftime show, and all of the commercials) is, without a doubt, all of the alternative programming there is available on television. For instance, if you're not super into the whole football thing but love puppies, there was the Puppy Bowl airing on Animal Planet that included puppies playing football! I think we can all agree that puppies make everything better, and that includes football for the non-football fans amongst us. In addition to all of the cute moments that this year's Puppy Bowl included, though, there was also a hugely historic — and adorable — one: Puppy Bryan Adams managed to score the second field goal in Puppy Bowl's entire 10-year history.

If that sounds like the most adorable record-breaking television moment ever, that's because it kind of was: As the Washington Post explains, Adams (apart of Team Ruff, the best name for a puppy football team in the history of ever) scored the historic goal during the second quarter of the game — and by the time halftime rolled around, Team Ruff was majorly ahead, with the score reading 45-28 against Team Fluff.When Adams kicked the goal, his shelter, The Sato Project, tweeted out a celebratory tweet announcement:

For the record, this is a video of Bryan Adams from Animal Planet's website, and total proof of his cuteness:

Congrats, puppy Bryan Adams!