Are Love Gurus Real? 'The Bachelor' Sends Chris & Carly to See One & Apparently, They're Totally Real

Monday night's episode of The Bachelor is switching things up, and in a way that could potentially make all of us watching at home feel completely awkward. On a one-on-one date, Chris Soules is taking Carly to see a love doctor. On one hand, this explains why the promo for this week's episode makes it appear that they're about to have sex. On the other hand... that clip ABC showed us is actually happening with witnesses? I'm not judging, I just feel like seeing someone called a "love guru" would be a little awkward, especially as what's essentially a first date with someone I haven't known that long. A longtime partner? Could be funny and even a little educational. Brand new dude on reality television? Not seeing the appeal. But to each their own, and obviously there's a bigger question at hand: What is a love guru?

Here's the thing: I'm pretty sure that the actual doctor who Chris and Carly went to see is this love guru named Tziporah, which means the date Chris and Carly are on can be replicated in real life if you so choose. According to her website, she's not really a "love doctor" so much as she's an "Integrated Breathwork Specialist" and she uses breathing techniques to help couples become more intimate and sexually aware of each other. That explains the heavy inhaling and exhaling in the Bach preview, huh?

The press release for Monday's episode helps explain that a little:

Chris and Carly meet the “Love Guru,” who puts them through a series of sexual exercises which leave them practically naked, putting their connection on a fast track. Will the sexual tension lead to an intimate connection or will the couple get cold feet?

And that sounds about right because this is what she does in a session:

Tziporah mentors her clients how to tap into their sexual power as a healing force. Her wisdom and training provides tools for cultivating interdependent relationships that thrive through empowering and compassionate communication. Under her guidance, relationships of all kinds thrive with power, truth and pleasure.

OK, so essentially, she's a more hippie couples therapist. This I can get on board with. If there's anything Bachelor contestants need, it's some couples therapy. And while I'd like to see what Tziporah's methods are before I decide if her particular approach is actually useful for, you know, two people who basically just met, I have a feeling that, at minimum, it's going to be super entertaining to watch.

Just keep this in mind: If Chris and Carly's experience is totally ridiculous, this is a real thing people do on a regular basis, and I'm guessing it works for them if Tziporah's in business. And homegirl looks expensive.

Image: John Fleenor/ABC