Is The 'Eye Candy' Killer Connor's Boss Hamish? There's Something Sinister About Him

If there is something I know for absolute certain about MTV's new series Eye Candy , it's that Connor's boss Hamish Stone is up to something. From the moment he was introduced in the episode "HBTU," Hamish, the owner and editor of Reconnoiter Media, turned on the sketchy vibe when he berated his employees for their terrible news stories. Connor bared the most anger from his “Nine Pet Vines That Will Blow Your Mind” post, to which his boss said if that was all Connor could give to his job, he shouldn't be too optimistic for his future. Connor later decided to take things a step too far by publishing a piece about the serial killer who was stalking his frenemy Lindy and threatening himself and Sophia. But when Lindy threatened Connor to take the post down, he revealed that he couldn't as that was now up to Hamish. So since he's already given off some less-than-safe vibes, could Hamish Stone be the Eye Candy serial killer? I believe it's entirely possible.

When Lindy confronts Connor about taking down the post, Hamish reveals that he knows quite a bit about Lindy. He knows that she went to MIT but dropped out when her sister Sarah disappeared, and then moved to New York to find her. He also knows that she's a hacker who is working with the police, but that could just be thanks to Connor's story. Nevertheless, why are you so interested in Lindy, Hamish? Is it because you're secretly obsessed with her and stalking her?

The fact that he knows so much about Lindy's past involving Sarah also suggests that Hamish has some history with her sister. Could he be both Lindy's serial killer and Sarah's kidnapper?

Lindy asks Hamish what it would take for him to take the story down, as she sensibly doesn't want a post about an ongoing, investigation of a serial killer published a glorified Gossip website. Hamish replies with a creepy smile, "Oh, I don't know. Catch him?" If that's not ominous, I don't know what is.

Sure, Hamish is probably just doing his job of getting more eyeballs on his site. He's probably nothing more than a gossip-loving, shock-and-awe publisher. But there has to be a reason for this story line to be introduced and developed. There has to be a proper reason for Eye Candy to want to have the viewers meet Hamish. Could he be more involved in the case than he lets on at the moment?

I think it could be entirely plausible that Hamish is actually the killer Lindy is after. He has knowledge of the Internet and probably more hacking talent than we could possibly imagine if he's able to run a successful gossip site that surprises and baits viewers. And consider the fact that the stalker is killing people based on what he believes are their "imperfections." That's someone who would definitely demand perfection from others in a professional setting. If Hamish is that killer, it makes his outburst at Connor all the more terrifying and understandable.

To me, Hamish seems like the kind of guy who would boast about not getting caught doing something wrong. Maybe he's so intent on keeping the story about the serial killer up on his site because it's making sure his own story is out there, taunting the police. Something has to happen with Hamish on Eye Candy soon. He's got too much of a sinister vibe to just be introduced once and then thrown away. Mark my words, he has something to do with this case, even if he's not the serial killer. I intend to carefully watch every move he makes as this season continues.

Images: MTV; leftindexphalanges/Tumblr