Bobbi Kristina Brown Shows “Minimal Response” To Brain Activity Test Offering Family A Glimmer Of Hope — UPDATE

News seemingly remains grim for Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown. After being found unresponsive in a bathtub, Bobbi Kristina is still fighting for her life while remaining on life support. According to TMZ, doctors ran a brain activity test, which produced a "minimal response," which is seen as an improvement, but only a slight one. However, the website also reports this is "enough to delay any immediate discussion of turning off life support."

(Update: According to TMZ, Bobbi Kristina is doing "significantly better" with the brain swelling decreasing and she has been able to "move her eyes." The oxygen levels in her brain have gone up, but doctors also "fear neurological damage." Per NBC Nightly News, who obtained a statement from the Houston family, "Bobbi Kristina is fighting for her life.")

As a quick recap, and for those not familiar with the details, on Saturday, Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in her bathtub, was admitted to intensive care in a Georgia hospital, and was placed in a medically induced coma. Currently, she's breathing with the help of a ventilator.

Overall, the situation remains dark for Bobbi Kristina. Per People, who spoke with a Massachusetts General Hospital neurologist, "Even minutes [without air] can be grim." The doctor also said that a chance for a full recovery is all based on "how much oxygen her brain was getting" before Bobbi Kristina was found not breathing.

According to a family source who also spoke with People, and like the neurologist explains above, "recovery is technically possible," and if it does happen it will be a "miracle."

Bobby Brown and family members continue to hope for the best, but according to TMZ, Bobbi Kristina's family is discussing funeral arrangements. Bobby is devastated, and rightfully so, over his daughter's condition. He released the following statement on Sunday, "Privacy is requested in this matter. Please allow for my family to deal with this matter and give my daughter the love and support she needs at this time."