7 Celebrity 'Friends' Fans Who Just Might Love The Show Even More Than You Do

As winter keeps its dirty, filthy paws on Mother Nature, the only way I can make myself feel OK about it all is the current Netflix binge situation I've got going on. I am fairly confident that since every season of Friends hit Netflix on Jan. 1, I am not the only person who has been mercilessly marathoning one of the funniest and most beloved television shows in history. Well, at least that's what I like to tell myself to make my self-imposed hermit-hood more acceptable. It comes as little surprise that along with millions of fans around the world, there are some celebrities who love Friends as much as the rest of us. We are all participating in the tears and laughs together, y'all.

by Daniela Cabrera

Taylor Swift

If I’ve learned anything about Taylor Swift this past year, it’s that she and I are a lot alike. We like cats, Harry Styles, baking, Beyoncé, and watching a lot of Friends! When Swift was asked by Teen Vogue last may about the last television show she watched she proudly answered, ”Friends last night — a marathon!”

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Jax Taylor

OK! magazine asked a few celebrities about their favorite TV and movie couples and Vanderpump Rules ’ Jax Taylor shared his love for Friends. He said, “Ross and Rachel. I’m not going to lie to you, Friends is my ultimate favorite show. I know every single word. I’ve seen every episode 5,000 times.”

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Selena Gomez

Back in 2012 when her music career was just taking off, Selena Gomez admitted that she would love to go back to the television screen if the project was right. She told Toronto.com, “I’d love to be part of another ensemble series, something contemporary and kooky and funny and a bit romantic. Like Friends was back when it started.”


Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is never one to shy away from getting some of the meatiest questions answered, so when her friend Jennifer Aniston came on to co-host her show, she took the opportunity to give the fans what we wanted: a reunion! She had Aniston go to Matthew Perry’s house to discuss her hosting duties, only to find out she was unwelcome and all sorts of hijinks with Cox, DeGeneres, and her wife, Portia De Rossi, ensued.


Eddie Redmayne

Ugh, Eddie Redmayne, be still my beating heart. You’re an incredible actor and sweet man and now you’re a Friends fan? Redmayne recounted meeting Jennifer Aniston on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and told the host, “My wife and I love Friends… We saw Jennifer Aniston at a party, and we were just incredibly inappropriate, and we so wanted to meet her.”


Emma Watson

According to her IMDb page, Friends is one of Emma Watson’s favorite shows, along with Sex and the City, Girls, Mad Men, and House of Cards. This leads me to believe that Watson should be my best friend.


Jimmy Kimmel

Aside from tormenting children and their Halloween candy for the past few years, Jimmy Kimmel has become a beacon of reunion hopes for Friends fans across the globe. Last August, Kimmel confessed he was a huge Friends fan and told Jennifer Aniston he had written some fan-fiction which he got Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow to act out. His gifts didn’t end there: in November, he brought back Aniston and Kudrow for a curse-off!