Hallmark's New Ad Will Make Your Heart Swell

I was not the only one who almost cried (if you use the term "almost" loosely...) when I saw Cheerios' commercial featuring an interracial couple and their adorable daughter — I love that advertisers are finally being more inclusive in their representations of real families (not just the traditional white, heterosexual ones). So when I saw Hallmark's new commercial featuring a real lesbian couple, my heart swelled with joy. My heart also swelled with joy because Eugenia and Corinna, the women in the ad, are just sooo darn sweet and they are just beaming when they talk about each other, but I don't want to spoil it for you.

In the commercial, Hallmark asks Eugenia and Corinna to describe what they love about the other person without using the word "love," and all I can say is get your tissues ready. What makes this story even better is that they are the first same-sex couple to ever be featured in a Hallmark campaign. Bravo to Hallmark for breaking barriers and pushing us to expand how we think about love and how we define relationships. I think I've blabbered on enough about how much you'll love this video, so you should definitely watch it so you know what the hype is about.

As if the ad isn't great enough, I hesitantly scrolled through the comments section, expecting to find a whole lot of hate and vitriol, but what I actually found was an outpouring of love and support (I really, really hope that continues). So, props to Hallmark, props to all the LGBTQIA supporters out there, props all around.

And as a sidenote, to all you couples celebrating V-Day out there, I think we should all practice going beyond "I love you." Hearing Eugenia describe her feelings as "warm and fuzzies, eating chocolate chip cookies all the time" was way more meaningful than just saying "I love you." Your imagery game might not be as strong as Eugenia's, but I'm sure you can be just as heartfelt. Think about it.

Images: hallmarkcards / Youtube; Giphy