6 Donna Meagle Wedding Wishes For 'Parks And Rec,' Because Every Bride Should Treat Herself

Donna Meagle is letting someone put a ring on it. Yes, this is the same Donna Meagle who said that her motto was "use him, abuse him, lose him" — a motto she's said she learned from her Grammy Meagle, who "died at 84 sandwiched between two 30-year-olds." But on the episode of Parks and Recreation airing Feb. 3, she's finally going to lock it down with her fiancé, Joe. (I'm guessing that Donna isn't going to be changing her last name, because, as far as I know, Joe doesn't appear to have one.) There are certain things we need to see at Donna Meagle's wedding.

Blending Donna and Joe's sensibilities into one reception is going to be hard. If you recall, Donna had doubts about even dating Joe, a music teacher, because he was so different from her. (Basically, he was less theatrical.) Plus, Leslie Knope wants to help make sure the wedding runs smoothly, so she gets to throw in her opinion, too. (Remember Leslie's wedding, with the newspaper dress? Or April and Andy's surprise wedding? Man, Parks and Recreation sure knows how to do a wedding episode.) Still, even taking into account Joe's not-dramatic vibe, Donna's ultra-big personality, and some of the best moments of Parks and Recreation so far, I think everyone can agree that these are a few wedding must-haves.

An Official Wedding Hashtag

Someone totally has to live tweet that wedding, right? Hopefully, the vows will be original and profane — or at least as attitude-filled as the "Meagle Minute" that Donna writes for the Parks Department — and guests can tweet about it without spoiler alerts or NSFW warnings.

A Signature Drink

Couples often designate a "signature drink" to put a personal stamp on their reception. One suggestion for the Meagle nuptials? Two shots of Jameson, to be taken simultaneously.

Apps and Zerts by Tom Haverford

And maybe some chicky chicky parm parm as a tré tré? If Tom's Bistro truly is one of the most stylish spots in Pawnee, it makes sense to have Haverford as a caterer. But whether or not he's going to put his own linguistic spin on the menu is still to be determined.

DJ Roomba!

We know Tom's iPod is pre-loaded with nothing but "bangers" — he said he once accidentally downloaded a Lumineers song and had to throw out his whole computer to be safe. If Haverford can cater, can't he also DJ? At least through the cutest lil' DJ in all of Pawnee: DJ Roomba. No other DJ can keep the bangers coming and clean the floor.

A "Treat Yo Self" Self-Serve Candy Buffet

I know we just saw Donna testing wedding cakes, but candy buffets are all the rage, and Donna has the perfect catchphrase to stamp on take-home candy containers. Plus, I'm pretty sure she can do one in a pink damask/zebra print if she wants.

A Stylish Getaway

You think Donna will let people tie cans and a "Just Married" sign on the back of her Benz?

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