This Oscars Luncheon Photo Will Bring Back All Kinds of Childhood Memories

Though the Academy Awards is still quite a few weeks away, more than 150 Oscar nominees (along with their 2015 host Neil Patrick Harris) came together on Monday at the Beverly Hilton for the annual Oscar Nominee Luncheon. But I have a feeling food was the last thing on anyone's mind throughout this special event. Bradley Cooper, Marion Cotillard, Rosamund Pike, Reese Witherspoon, and many, many more all came out to show support for their latest projects, each hoping they'll eventually walk away with that iconic, time-honored statue.

However, until that glorious day is upon us, all anyone can do is wait and recognize just how great it is to even just be nominated, which, I feel, is a big part of what makes this particular luncheon such a genius idea. The winners always get so much attention after the fact, it's nice to take some time and have a ceremony of sorts just for being among the elite few to get their name in one (or more) of those prestigious categories in the first place. So naturally, just like any other Hollywood event, massive amounts of picture-taking ensued — one of which included an entire group photo of all the Oscar nominees. I mean, just imagine all of that raw talent together in one room:

It truly is a magnificent sight to behold. But I'd be lying if I said that such a spectacular group photo didn't also call to mind of a few other things as well. Such as…

A Yearbook Photo

You know what I'm talking about — where you all have to stand together on those auditorium risers and wait (not-so) patiently for the photographer to line all of you up according to height. Yet every year someone (mostly me) still ended up with bunny ears. Good times, good times.

A Family Photo

Getting every family member to look in the same direction can be quite a feat. But it's normally well worth the payoff. #Memories

A Group Wave

I mean, when you've got that many people squished in together like that, doing "the wave" is almost mandatory. Just saying… if it's good enough of the royal family then it's good enough of the Oscars noms.

Images: YouTube; Giphy (2); allthingscatherine/Tumblr