Kenya + #Phonegate = One Crazy Episode

Anyone else still reeling from that first hour of Monday's Celebrity Apprentice? We all know how much Kenya Moore and Vivica A. Fox don't get along, but I never thought things would escalate to this level. Based on last Monday's promo, we knew an intense boardroom was coming, which even included a special hashtag, aka #Phonegate. Not only did Moore, Fox, and Geraldo Rivera end up losing, but Moore and Fox took throwing shade to a whole new level.

So, do you think the now fired Moore really stole Fox's phone and tweeted, "This menopause id killing me I cant think straight, im acting a damn fool half the time 50 just isnt sexy" [sic]? Despite Moore denying, denying, denying, it's absolutely possible, as Rivera said, that she did it. Not only did Moore declare, "Little do they know I have some tricks up my sleeve," when discussing what would happen in the boardroom if her team would lose, but she also stealthily twisted the conversation to chat about Fox's so-called wild emotions, her "ups and downs," and how she tweets about menopause. Where did that even come from and how does that even relate to the discussion at hand? Plus, for Moore to bring up menopause in the presence of Fox is quite convenient, especially since Fox discussed Shawn Johnson's menstrual cycle earlier in the season.

Also, can we talk about how Fox's phone went missing at the beginning of the episode? Coincidence? I find that just too good to be true. Moore said it herself that she had "tricks up her sleeve" and these sure seem to be like a lot of creative tricks to try and get Fox fired over her.

Like in the boardroom, Fox swears she didn't post that tweet, while Moore vows she didn't steal the phone and tweet about menopause. Will we ever know the truth? Probably not, but I hate to break it to Moore, I have a feeling more people are going to lean in Fox's favor.

I think Donald Trump said it best, "We've really reached a new low." Yes, Celebrity Apprentice, you sure have.

Images: Patrick Randak/NBC