No One Tells Brandi What To Do On 'Apprentice'

Wow. Talk about two intense episodes of Celebrity Apprentice. Not only did the first hour bring craziness between Kenya Moore and Vivica A. Fox, but the second hour showcased Donald Trump firing three people! Three?! I didn't expect that, but as we all know, Trump will sometimes fire multiple people during one boardroom. Despite Ian Ziering, Johnny Damon, and Brandi Glanville getting the boot, we can still talk about how Glanville, once again, rocked it during Monday's second episode.

I think we can all agree that Glanville is no stranger to standing up for herself, will never let anyone walk all over her, and will, of course, do what she thinks is best. Well, she definitely did that on Monday when it came to her standing up to Ziering as an individual, a competitor, and as a Project Manager.

Yes, their jingle blew majorly, which is why they all got fired, but at least Glanville didn't let Ziering tell her what to do or persuade her to do something she didn't feel comfortable with. Even though things did get heated between the two during the actual task, Glanville tried to calmly and respectfully explain to Mr. Trump her feelings for Ziering. She said, "I like Ian, he's just hard to work with." Later on, she added, "He likes to talk down to people."

I can't help but respect Glanville's honesty, and I admired how, unlike sometimes on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she kept a cool head. Also, I loved, after Ziering was fired, how she was willing to take the blame as Project Manager and get fired over Damon, because she respects him greatly, sees him as a hard worker, and considers him a friend. When a contestant is willing to go home over someone else and realizes the loss is his/her fault, then he/show demonstrates strength, which is exactly what Glanville showed Monday.

When it comes to Glanville having a gut feeling, she goes with it. Sadly, it didn't work out in her favor this time, but thankfully we can continue watching her in action on Bravo's RHOBH.

Images: Patrick Randak/NBC