What Did 'Bachelor' Chris Do To The Women On The Show? Naturally, We've Got Ideas

Every week, The Bachelor promos get more and more dramatic. And every week, the actual episodes live up to the promos less and less. This week's edition delivered all the Kelsey-related drama it promised, but left us on a giant cliffhanger with Kelsey on the ground, having and/or faking a panic attack, ended without a rose ceremony, and ABC's promo for the next Bachelor episode leads us to believe something big is going to happen — and it's kind of Chris Soules' fault. If you've been keeping up, you already know that Chris had an emotional experience during the trip to Santa Fe. Between dealing with Jordan's return and Kelsey's secret, tearful meeting, he had obviously hit his threshold for the week. And from the looks of things, Chris is going to do something completely unexpected.

Essentially, something happens that leaves everybody crying, and not just Ashley I., who cries at least once per episode. Women are feeling hurt, threatened, betrayed... and that's only from the 30 or so seconds that ABC decided to splice together to keep us interested for another week. Unfortunately, that's all ABC tells about what Chris did that leaves everybody so upset, but I do have a few educated guesses:

He Runs Off With Britt

In the promo, we see Chris and Britt heading somewhere fast. Maybe during a date (or at a random time), they go off on their own without telling anyone? I could definitely see how that could make everyone else still in the competition feel threatened. After all, Chris isn't exactly shy about sharing his feelings for Britt.

Chris Does a Surprise Elimination

Without a cocktail party, who knows what's going to happen next? Maybe Chris decides to send someone home outside of the rose ceremony, completely unexpected. Yeah, that would for sure make me worry that I might be next, no matter how good my standing is.

He Breaks More Rules...

...not that Chris has been following them this season in the first place. There could be a major game changer that he institutes that nobody else likes... especially not Ashley I., who is clearly very, very upset in the next episode.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC