Jennifer Barkley's Best 'Parks and Rec' Moments

With the final season of Parks and Rec currently airing, old guest stars who have been fan favorites for years are returning and making us Pawnee Rangers get all the feels. One Parks and Rec favorite, Jennifer Barkley, played by Kathryn Hahn, will be returning to Pawnee in Tuesday's episode. Jennifer Barkley, if you don't remember, is a political powerhouse, acting as campaign manager for some of the most ill-prepared politicians in Parks and Rec history (Bobby Newport, anyone?). And with her return, it only seems fit that we relive her best moments on the show, as a sort of homage to what will probably be her curtain call episode.

During her time in Pawnee, Jennifer brought the heat to Leslie Knope's campaign for city council re-election. She was ruthless, determined, and most importantly, hilarious. And even though she fought against Leslie during the most important re-election to ever happen in Pawnee, she wasn't a real villain. After she saw the type of campaign Ben Wyatt ran for Leslie, she offered him a job in Washington, D.C. to work with the Barkley Group and help with a congressman's election. Jennifer also proved to be a huge force in encouraging Leslie to pursue her dreams outside of Pawnee. Here's a look at Jennifer Barkley's best moments on Parks and Rec to celebrate her return to Pawnee.

When She Gave This Sound Piece Of Advice

You should have as many feelings as you want, but I love that "be a smarter version of yourself" part.

When She Asked This Insane Quesiton

Even though we all know Leslie would never, ever be a dog murderer, you can't help but tip your hat to Jen's semantics game, which is on fleek.

When She Explained Why Leslie Should Trust Her

When you want that random stranger to trust your sound piece of advice, just tell them you don't care about them. That's exactly why they should believe you.

When She Was Confident About Her Sex Life

Jen isn't just confident in her political savviness. Even though her fling with Chris Traeger was short, it was sweet indeed.

When She Recognized Ben's Potential

She may already have a kickass career, but she was into discovering other people's potentials, which makes her even more kickass.

When She Said To Dream Bigger

What's that? You accomplished your dream? Then dream bigger.

When She Encouraged Leslie To Climb The Ladder

YAAAS. Climb that ladder, Leslie Knope.

When She Used A Perfect Puppy To Campaign Against Leslie

I know, another puppy. But really, she can't make that face and expect me not to want to save Pebble!

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