Katy Perry, George W. Bush, and Stephen Hawking All Walk Into... A David Blaine Magic Show?

Picture, for a moment, this scenario: Katy Perry, George W. Bush, Woody Allen, and Stephen Hawking are all hanging out. It's weird, right? It doesn't matter where they are or even what they're doing — it's just weird. What do they all talk about? Does George W. Bush just huddle in a corner with the cheese plate and contemplate what kind of puppy to paint next? Well, start writing the fan fictions of the screening party for David Blaine's new magic special, then, because all of those people are gonna be involved.

Blaine — yes he is still around and doing things — has a 90-minute special airing on ABC during November sweeps. David Blaine: Real or Magic will feature Blaine doing magic for super-famous people in their homes. "I went after all of the people that I loved the most and surprised them and did magic in places that I knew people would understand that I couldn't have staged or set up or had people pretending," Blaine said to The Hollywood Reporter.

The well-knowns featured will include the aforementioned Perry, Bush, Allen, and Hawking, as well as Robert De Niro, Ricky Gervais, Kanye West, Olivia Wilde, and Harrison Ford, among other stars.

He really got a... well-rounded group of people, didn't he? It sounds like all of Blaine's stunts will take place in their homes and such, but really, it seems like a waste to have all these people involved in something like this and not get them all in the same place at least once. At least for the pictures. Plus, we have another question: When did Blaine make his friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio disappear?