These Tiny Origami Cheesecakes Are The Only Valentine's Day Dessert That Matters — VIDEO

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, although I'm not sure why people insist on calling it that when it's now more widely known as Calories Don't Count So Eat Whatever Junk Food You Want Day. Not that I'm ever in dire need of junk food inspiration because I dessert harder than anybody I know, but this how-to video on making tiny origami cheesecakes might have just changed me forever. I know what you're probably thinking: Why would I ever want to bake something that makes it just one step more complicated to eat a sugary and delicious thing? Withhold your judgment, because this magic is worth every second you will spend toiling over folded paper.

Assembling the origami holder seems to be the most complicated part of the process. Plus, I imagine once you get the hang of it and start making a whole bunch of these little nuggets, you'll earn enough baked goods street cred to become Honorary Mayor of Dessert in whatever region you inhabit. There are no words in this video because there simply don't need to be any. The language of dessert is universal, passed from generation to generation since the dawn of time. Here is an overview of some of the steps:

1. Find an adorable origami paper print

2. Channel your inner fortune teller-folding game from elementary school

3. Blow into the top of your folded paper and inflate it

4. Insert cheesecake

6. Win at life

The video creator goes much more in depth than this, even providing the cheesecake recipe and showing you how to make it step by step. Arguably the most important part of this video, though, is the BONUS ROUND:

Everything is better fried, and if origami paper can go the extra mile, then SO CAN WE.

Here's the full instructional video:

MosoGourmet 妄想グルメ on YouTube

Images: YouTube