And for Oreos' Next Trick...

Man, those Red Velvet Oreos have only been out for a day — a day! — and we're already looking forward to the next limited edition treat Nabisco has up its cookie crumb-strewn sleeve: Rumor has it that 'Smores Oreos might be arriving soon, to the delight of marshmallow lovers and summer camp enthusiasts everywhere. Sorry, Red Velvet — we're apparently already over you. How fickle the hand of the consumer, no?

These suckers were brought to the world's attention by Twitter user (Twitterer? Tweeter? I call people on Twitter “Tweeple” when speaking collectively, but is there a word that refers to one single Twitter user?) @michael_desouza; the Impulsive Buy then picked up the image, noting, “My source tells me they'll be available in either April or May.” From what we can see from the package seen here, the cookies will be graham cracker flavored, and the filling consists not of two different types of cream laid side by side, but rather, two types stacked on top of each other — just like a real 'smore. I'm unclear about how the marshmallow-flavored cream will differ from regular old Oreo cream (I'm betting they're going to taste pretty similar — that is, like sugar), but that chocolate cream is pretty exciting-looking. For the curious, they look like this:

Is it possible 'Smores Oreos are nothing more than a clever piece of Photoshop magic? Of course — but until they're proven to be fake, I'm going to believe wholeheartedly in their existence. And while I'm at it, I'm going to dream up a bunch of other Oreo flavors I think need to come into being at some point, because let's face it: With sandwich cookies, the possibilities are endless. Anyone else kind of want these treats to arrive one day?

1. Lemon Square Oreos

True, we've already got Lemon Twist Oreos; Lemon Square Oreos, though? They'd offer a refreshing twist on an old favorite. The cookies would be made of that shortbread-type crust lemon squares boast, and the filling would be more jammy and less creamy.

2. Napoleon Oreos

No, not that Napoleon. Or that one, for that matter (warning: autoplay video alert). Napoleons are one of my favorite pastries on the face of the planet, so of course I'd eat one in Oreo form. First, imagine vanilla cookies with not cream, but custard sandwiched lovingly between them; then picture the whole thing dunked in white fudge and adorned with a chocolate swirl. Yes, please.

3. Mochi Oreos

No, I don't really know how these would work. Yes, I would eat them anyway.

4. Cherry Pie Oreos

Cherry-flavored filling dotted with actual cherry bits, sandwiched between pie crust-flavored cookies? Heck yes! How's that for a Fourth of July limited edition idea?

5. Peppermint Hot Chocolate Oreos

If Cool Mint Oreos and Chocolate Creme Oreos had a lovechild (with a little help from 'Smores Oreos — gotta have a marshmallow to top it all off), I imagine it would taste something like this.

6. Raspberry Jam Oreos

Oreos with raspberry cream filling are a thing in China, but I have no idea why they haven't arrived over here yet. Someone needs to get on that, STAT.

7. Oreo-Stuffed Oreos

Stranger things have happened, Jareth. You should know that better than anyone.

Images: sgtfun/Flickr; @michael_desouza/Twitter; Giphy (7)