Kelly's New Album Has Feminist & Empowering Lyrics

by Alyse Whitney

The time has finally come: the track listing for Kelly Clarkson's album Piece by Piece is here, and I'm already obsessed with all of the songs. Instead of just judging them by their names — like "Nostalgic" and "Dance With Me" — or the fact that one is a John Legend duet ("Run Run Run"), I'm going off of the incredible lyrics she posted on her site. Ahead of the Feb. 27 release, Clarkson is asking fans to share how their lives relate to her lyrics as she works on a secret project surrounding the album. My guess is that she will create a tearjerker video with the best stories, and just like with Taylor Swift giving Christmas gifts for fans, we will never stop crying over it.

The best part about these lyrics is that many of them are feminist and empowering, providing even more anthems for us to sing with our friends at karaoke or powerful tracks to dance to after a breakup. Check out the track listing and four of the best lyrics from the album (so far) below:

1. "Heartbeat Song" 2. "Invincible" 3. "Someone" 4. "Take You High" 5. "Piece By Piece" 6. "Run Run Run" featuring John Legend 7. "I Had a Dream" 8. "Let Your Tears Fall" 9. "Tightrope" 10. "War Paint" 11. "Dance With Me" 12. "Nostalgic" 13. "Good Goes the Bye"

Deluxe Editions Tracks:

14. "Bad Reputation" 15. "In the Blue" 16. "Second Wind"

"War Paint"

Clarkson gives us confidence to strip off our makeup and just be ourselves: "We could be beautiful without our war paint, our war paint."


Chant this whenever you have a bad day at work: "Now I am invincible/No, I ain’t a scared little girl no more/Yeah, I am invincible/Now I am invincible and I’m a perfect storm."

"Piece By Piece"

Whether this is about Clarkson's daughter, River Rose, or not, it's very empowering: "I will never leave her like you left me/And she will never have to wonder her worth/Because unlike you I’m gonna put her first."

"I Had A Dream"

And lastly, remember that you are always making an impact, no matter what you do: "Remember that the footprints you’re leaving will tell us all who you really are."

Images: KellyClarkson.com