Why You Should Be Sleeping Alone

Do you ever curl up next to someone in bed, warm, excited, and ready for sleep, and then realize you're actually kind of uncomfortable, your bodies are a little sweaty, and you don't actually want to be big spoon? Well, you don't have to feel guilty that you'd rather your partner/lover/friend sleep on their own because as it turns out, sleeping alone is actually better for you than sleeping with someone. So to all the haters I've pushed out of my perfectly cozy bed because I just want to sink comfortably into my foam mattress pad and get lost in my pillows and drift off into dreamland, TAKE THAT.

According to the video, not only is sleeping alone usually more comfortable and satisfying, but it's actually better for your health, sleep cycles, and mood. In fact, one study showed that over 4,000 participants call in sick to work due to lack of sleep because of sharing a bed with a partner, and women who got less than five hours of sleep a night because of sharing a bed with a partner gained more weight than those who did not share a bed at all.

So don't be afraid to kick someone out post-cuddle because sometimes a good sleep is just worth more than awkwardly intertwined limbs.