Things To Get Your SO For V-Day Instead Of A Gift

by Chrissa Hardy

What do you get the person you've already given all the classic Valentine's Day gifts to? You've been together for what is or what feels like forever, and now you're plum out of new gift ideas. Eeek. That's a major problemo, because Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and you're running out of shopping time.

Here's the thing though — maybe you just shouldn't exchange gifts with your SO this year. Maybe this year should be different. Because, when you think about it, where are all of those past V-Day gifts now? Collecting dust in the closet? Long dead (flowers)? Or inhaled and digested immediately after you received it (chocolates)? Those gifts are nice, but also predictable and ultimately forgettable. You will not daydream about the bouquet of roses your favorite human gave you that one time. You will not forever cherish that box of chocolates — of which only half you truly enjoyed, because those fruit-goo centers are always an outrageous disappointment.

For long-term couples, serious lovebirds who have chosen to share their lives together, and smug (but blissful) marrieds, Valentine's Day 2015 should be about exchanging things that are better than gifts. All the things that will bring the two of you even closer than you already are, and that create the moments made for scrapbooks. Now, you could easily pair any or all of these things with a tangible item, which is also great. But giving any of the following ideas to your SO will be enough on its own. I promise.

1. A case of the giggles

In my (almost) three decades on Earth, I've noticed a pattern in couples who stay together forever and ever: they laugh. Laughing together is the key to muscling through all the sh** that makes you want to give up. Those moments are stronger than anything. Find a comedy club or a funny movie, or just an evening of binging on reruns of Seinfeld. Whatever it is, find a way to giggle together.

2. Something to care for

If you two are ready for a pet, then hooray! Go adopt a kitten, puppy, penguin, or whatever, and learn how to give it a loving home. If a pet is a little too much too soon, then a plant will do just fine.

3. A moment of excitement

Something neither of you have done before. Something that might be a little bit scary. Entering the unknown side by side is the reason Speed is the ultimate love story.

4. A plan to live fully and healthily

Living healthy is boring and something that grownups do, but as we get older, our health is important. We can't live long enough to discover a way for humans to become immortal if we avoid vegetables and exercise. Make it a shared priority for both of you to adopt some healthy habits together and support each other through every moment of healthy living suckage.

5. Something homemade

It can be anything from a hearty meal, to a painting you made of a naked Cupid with the face of Stewie Griffin, to a sexy poem. If it's creative and coming from an honest place, the recipient will only see the love put into it.

6. An adventure to look forward to

Plan a trip! Schedule a staycation! Do something that warrants a mark on the calendar so that the two of you can count down together.

7. A break from technology

This will not be easy, but it will be worth it when you realize just how gorgeous your SO's eyes are. And how crazy it is that you usually have a screen blocking them. Never again.

8. A sexy treasure hunt

This will be all kinds of fun. It will lead to both of you getting laid, and the anticipation building up to the treasure being found will be better than any bling or flowers ever given in the history of Valentine's Day. And it will be nothing like the one in Gone Girl (I hope).

9. A loud and giant smooch

Because you love each other to the moon and back, and you both deserve it. And it will make anyone in close proximity extremely uncomfortable, which is always amusing.

Image: Fotolia; Giphy (9)