Kayne West X Adidas Will Launch At NYFW

We first learned of the ingenious partnership between Adidas and Kanye West back in December of 2013. Since then, any and all details regarding the collaboration have been kept under pretty tight wraps, and us die-hard Kanye fans have been anxiously waiting at the edge of our seats. Our prayers have finally been answered, because it has been announced that Kanye West will show his Adidas line at New York Fashion Week this month!

After an invitation for a Kanye West X Adidas event at NYFW surfaced via social media, speculation began to fly about whether this would be the official debut of the collection. According to Complex, this is the real deal — it has been confirmed by reputable sources that the line will indeed show at NYFW on February 12th. Think this couldn't get any better? Wrong. The athletics brand has also announced that the covetable collection will be available on Adidas' new sneaker reservation app called Adidas Confirmed, which allows shoppers to get their hands on limited editions kicks by means of a lottery-style system. Better get those iPhones ready folks.

So what does the collection actually entail? No word yet. I can only imagine that it's a culmination of super artsy designs combined with superior color combos and unique graphics — the man's got style. Guess we'll have to wait until Fashion Week to know for sure!

Here is the invitation for the Kanye West X Adidas event: