Kanye West Might Leave Music to Focus on Fashion Because There's Nothing He Can't Do

At this point, it should come as no surprise that "ye" half of "Kimye" thinks he's the best at everything. Still, I'm taken aback by a currently circulating rumor that Kanye West might leave music to focus on fashion. He does know that a few successful collaborations doesn't exactly make him McQueen, right?

That isn't to say that West doesn't have a solid hand in the fashion industry. In addition to teaching a fashion class at L.A. Trade Technical College, he's navigated well-received partnerships with the likes of A.P.C. and Nike, and, according to Complex, designed his own womenswear collection in 2011. West is also a huge fan of fashion in his personal life and many believe he's had a hand in classing up Kim Kardashian's sense of style since the pair got together. But leave music?? That sounds a bit extreme.

An anonymous source allegedly told the New York Post's Page Six, “After his next [collaboration] with Paul McCartney comes out, he’s going to step away from music and concentrate on clothing.” This is dubious information, for sure, but it's worth discussing if only for the fact that Kanye has been dabbling in design with increasing frequency.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The source also told Page Six that good 'ole Yeezus just can't seem to find the time for all the fashion work he wants to be doing: “He got a $15 million signing bonus from Adidas, but his line has been pushed back four times because he hasn’t had enough time to work on it." I guess putting a "quit music" item on his to-do list would free up a few precious hours for tinkering sketches of sweatpants and sneakers.

Oh, who am I kidding? There's no way Kanye does his own sketches!

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