Suge Knight Pleads Not Guilty On Murder Charges, Ends Up In Hospital Soon After

Well, things aren't looking so good for Suge Knight. After being arrested on murder charges for a fatal hit-and-run in Compton, California on Friday, former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight has pleaded not guilty to murder on Tuesday. But the news doesn't stop there. During the court hearing, Knight complained of chest pains and was taken to the hospital, per Office John Gardner of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Information Bureau. No word yet on his condition.

According to the district attorney's office, Knight faces life in prison and is charged with one count of murder, one count of attempted murder, and two counts of hit-and-run with an allegation that Knight committed a serious and violent felony while out on bail. This is Knight's "third strike case," because he has prior convictions.

Reports say Knight ran over two men and killed one of them named Terry Carter, age 55. The second man, Cle "Bone" Sloan, is 51. According to Sloan's attorney, Michael Shapiro, Sloan is suffering from shock and may not be able to walk again because his left foot was "mangled" in the reported hit-and-run. Apparently, Sloan is now out of the hospital and is residing in a "secret location with hired protection."

Per Knight's attorney, James Blatt, Knight feared for his life and is guilty of nothing:

We feel strongly Mr. Knight did not do anything wrong in this matter. He was attacked by a number of individuals; that has already been corroborated by certain witnesses. He left the scene because he was in fear for his safety and life.

So far, no further reports have been released about Knight's chest pain, except for the fact that TMZ is saying he had a "panic attack." According to the site, it's not his heart, but his nerves.