Lance Bass' Husband Michael Turchin Is an Artist (And Adorable, Obviously)

Lance Bass married Michael Turchin in December 2014, which will be covered on E! with the special Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding . We all know Lance because of *NSYNC, but not knowing Bass' husband, artist Michael Turchin, is a little more unstandable. I can assume from what they've shown of the wedding special that he's an incredibly lucky guy (I mean, *NSYNC reunited at his wedding!), but luckily, the program will also give us a chance to sort of get to know the man who stole Bass' heart.

Instead of following in the footsteps of the Kardashian weddings they've covered, E!'s emphasis isn't just on the superficial decisions like food or flowers, but on Lance & Michael's journey to become comfortable with coming out in the public eye, and how they made the choice to show their marriage to the world in order to help change people's minds about gay marriage. There will also be plenty of time spent on how unbelievably gorgeous their food and flowers were. They have good taste.

But as for the artist himself, Turchin's career is mostly spent as a painter. He paints Pop Art portraits, for sale on his website. They're characterized by bright, neon colors, a drip-dry technique that leaves trails of bright paint over the black portraiture, and kitschy subjects that include this terrifying Furby/Gremlin.

Turchin has certainly captured its soulless, empty gaze, and I am neither kidding about his talent nor his subject's horrifying inhumanity. If you've been searching for an artist who mixes Andy Warhol and 1990s graffiti, Turchin also does custom paintings.

First Period Movie on YouTube

Bass' husband is also an actor, having appeared in several small independent films. Turchin actually went to school to become an actor, and after graduating from drama school, he moved to California, where he met Bass. He appeared in First Period, a very twisted teen girl coming of age comedy, as a hunky boyfriend (the teen girls get the bulk of the teaser's screentime, but be on the lookout and you'll see him — he's the dark-haired, shirtless guy). He's only been in a few projects so far, but he's mostly stuck with comedy. However, back in 2011, he did go through a rite of passage that every young actor must face: the low-budget horror movie. His was called Isolation, costarred Eva Amurri (Susan Sarandon's daughter), and looks absolutely terrible.

Both Bass and Turchin are critical of pop culture and write and produce content that examine what it's like to become a Hollywood star, which makes sense for two gay artists who have been inside the system for so many years. Bass is writing The Machine, an original show for the E! Network (which is also producing the Lance Loves Michael special) that covers how the industry treats its talent, while Turchin costarred with him in White Dwarf, a film exploration of the same subject.

Lest we think that Justin Timberlake netted the coolest *NSYNC spouse, Bass is giving him a run for the money.