'Match Made in Heaven' Vs. 'The Bachelor': WEtv's New Series Highlights How Badly ABC's Series Needs to Fix Its Diversity Problems

It would be easy for you to confuse WEtv's new reality dating competition Match Made in Heaven with a season of The Bachelor . But lo and behold, they managed to find a lineup of women that isn't 99 percent white and blonde, and yet the show still looks exactly like The Bachelor, for both good and bad reasons. It's funny, because Saturday Night Live pointed this out a few weeks ago... somehow the non-white contestants always manage to be the ones who are kicked off in the first few weeks because there's no "connection" between them and The Bachelor/ette. And even when someone like Marquel Martin emerges on The Bachelorette, a cast member all the fans agreed would be an awesome, diverse choice for the next Bachelor, instead he shows up on Bachelor in Paradise and leaves without a match.

No, the producers can't force their cast to have chemistry with one another. But you know what, excuses are excuses and there's no reason why we should accept them anymore. Because WEtv managed to put together a cast that doesn't look totally homogenous or at least one that isn't totally white and blonde... the issue of these shows' lack of diverse body types is a whole other can of worms.

But beyond that, they even cast a bunch of the same types of cast members on Match Made in Heaven as The Bachelor. Sure, these ladies have to live with Sean's mom, which is a kinda bizarre twist, but I'm sure we're going to see a lot of the same beats on this show that we normally expect from the Bach franchise.

And those roles include...

The Gold Digger

There's always one girl on The Bachelor who's just a little too fascinated with what the Bach's career is, what kind of jewelry he'll buy her, and where he lives. On Match Made in Heaven, there are already a few ladies who seem very excited about Sean's multi-million dollar real estate deals.

The Shallow Hal-ettes

There's already one lady who was determining if she'd sleep with Sean or not before she even decided to join the show. There's a reason the Bachelors all have abs.

The Virgin

I hate this trend. Not that contestants on dating shows are virgins — that's totally cool — but that it's being treated as half handicap, half-fetish drives me crazy.

The Religious One (Which is All of Them)

That's a big part of this show, because, as it's a "Match Made in Heaven," a pastor is the host and Sean is letting his religious background help determine who he chooses to spend his life with. So look for a lot of religious talk to emerge in Match Made in Heaven, maybe its only big difference from The Bachelor (unless you're counting Sean Lowe's season of the ABC series).

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy (3)