Sean Bullard, The 'Match Made in Heaven' Bachelor, is a Philly Real Estate Developer & It's Crazy That 'The Bachelor' Didn't Find Him First

My biggest question when looking at the trailers for Match Made in Heaven wasn't "who is star Sean Bullard," but "how on Earth haven't the Bachelor producers picked up this guy for one of their shows yet?" He's in amazing shape, he's in his early 30s, he's close with his family, he's almost painfully nice — he's exactly who they should be looking to cast in the next season of Bachelorette. But somehow, for some reason, he's been bypassed by ABC and is now starring in his own dating show on WEtv.

Bullard is a highly successful real estate developer who grew up in and now continues to live in Philadelphia, turning abandoned buildings in bad neighborhoods into appealing rental units, eventually working his way from the "straight ghetto" to multi-million dollar condos. His career is booming, but he's still a conservative, pretty quiet guy. Actually, he has a lot of similarities with another Sean — former Bachelor Sean Lowe. Seriously, even though one is from Texas and the other hails from the east coast, and they work in different careers (Sean Lowe has sold insurance and sold locally made housewares in Dallas), they're extremely similar, and prove that ABC is missing out on someone with the potential to be yet another crazily popular Bachelor contestant.

They're Both Religious

The whole gimmick of Match Made in Heaven is that a pastor will help Sean decide which girls are the best matches for him, and even though Pastor J is more of a host than a spiritual advisor, Sean Lowe also frequently cited his Christian beliefs on his quest for love and now is a member of the non profit evangelical association "I Am Second."

They Both Used to Play Football

Both bachelors played in college, netting huge scholarships that gave them the chance to get fantastic educations and get them in unbelievably good shape. Brullard actually went on to play professionally for a few years on the San Diego Chargers, but always knew that he'd need a backup career, so planned to do real estate after leaving the NFL. And lest you think the similarities end there...

They're Both Super Close with Their Moms

Both Seans could be characterized as mama's boys. Brullard's mother is so important to him that he's having her move into the house with his potential love interests. He says, and I quote, "ladies, you are all princesses, but she is the queen." That's... a bold statement. It's great that he respects his mom, but you normally don't live with your casual boyfriend's mom days after meeting her while she judges whether or not you're appropriate for her son.

Also, she's a little bit cray in her own way. I'm sure she raised her son well, but she surely has some strong opinions about whether or not the girls are "sluts" or "hos" based solely on how they dress.

They Might Be the Only Successful TV Dating Veterans

Of course, we'll need to wait and see what happens on the rest of Match Made in Heaven before we find out what happens with Sean B. and the ladies, but so far Sean Lowe and Catherine, from Bachelor Season 17 are the only Bachelor pair to actually get married after getting engaged on the season finale.

Images: WEtv; Crushabledotcom/Tumblr