12 Burrito Recipes That Prove Once And For All That Everything Tastes Better In A Tortilla

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Burritos are the food equivalent of being swaddled up in a warm blanket on a frosty day, so our love for them is obvious — but it's possible to make our usual favorite burrito recipes even better with just a few ingredient changes. All you need are some tortillas, staple ingredients like rice, beans, and meat, and a little thinking outside the box to transform your burrito into something magical (ahem — mac 'n cheese burrito, anyone?).

These 12 burrito recipes are easy to make at home and make a refreshing change from your Chipotle go-to order. Whether you're a vegetable fiend or a cheese-loving carnivore, these unique takes on the Mexican meal are sure to please.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

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