Are Barry & Caitlin The Next 'Flash' Couple? SnowBarry 'Shippers Got A Treat In "Crazy For You"

No, your eyes, and ears, weren't playing a trick on you during The Flash — Barry Allen sang in "Crazy For You" and it was probably the best 10 seconds of the show to date. The moment was incredibly short-lived, but we'll always have those first few verses of him crooning "Summer Lovin'" with gal-pal Caitlin Snow. But wait, could we start raising the shipper flags for Caitlin and Barry, aka SnowBarry? It seems likely given the events of Tuesday's episode.

The chemistry between Barry and Caitlin has been apparent since the very beginning if the show — which is only natural since Barry's been pining away after Iris, and Caitlin is still trying to get over Ronnie. Of course those two lost souls might start making their way towards each other, and it finally happened tonight. The two decided to go out for a night on the town, and paint it red. It was epic. If only because it gave us our new favorite character: Drunk Caitlin.

As we know, Barry physically can't hold his liquor — his metabolism works so fast the alcohol has no affect on him. Caitlin, on the other hand, got super super drunk, and then got up on stage, and sang a song, and then Barry joined her. But then because she got super super drunk, Barry took her home like the good friend that he is (also, major props to Barry for holding her hair back. Seriously, what a good guy).

Back at Caitlin's apartment, she needed trouble changing out of her "evil" dress, and Barry was a perfect gentleman. However, Caitlin encouraged him to "sneak a peak," saying he "deserved it," since he's always saving the day and doesn't have any fun. That was a way better subtle come-on than Linda Park's "let's tap our phones together." Seriously, everything about Barry and Caitlin tonight was riddled with underlying sexual tension. Do these two even stand a chance, or will our 'shipper boat sink before it's even left the dock?

At episode's end, Caitlin did seem pretty smitten after their talk about being "crazy" for someone. She even did that thing where she smiled to herself after Barry walked away, and we all did a collective "awwwwwww," but that might not last forever. Considering that Ronnie is poised to make his return to The Flash (as one half of Firestorm), and Barry seems to be starting something with Linda Park, SnowBarry might not live forever.

But you know what? Let's continue to live in that perfect moment of the two of them singing together on stage. Whatever happens between them — budding romance or not — they're still going to be friends, hanging out together at S.T.A.R. Labs. And hey, the more bad guys they put away, and crises they stop, the closer they'll grow... and you know what that can lead to.

Oh, be still, our shipper hearts.

Image: Jack Rowand/The CW