Gorilla Grodd Is Back On 'The Flash,' But What Does That Mean For Barry & Co.?

The last moments of "Crazy For You" brought back a familiar character to The Flash — Gorilla Grodd. He's been discussed before on the show, specifically in flashbacks with Harrison Wells. At one point, General Eiling and Wells got into it over the future of Grodd, since Eiling wanted to use him for evil purposes, naturally. But, Harrison has always had other plans for the gorilla, other than a life as a military test subject. Now we know that he's back, and Gorilla Grodd might start stirring up trouble for Barry Allen.

It's never been fully discussed what happened to Grodd from the time he was in his cage, until right now when he's living in a sewer underneath Central City. The first time he's referenced is in the pilot for The Flash, when Wells and Barry pass by his now deserted cage; the bars have been ripped away, and his nameplate hangs slightly ajar. It's heavily implied that he simply escaped during the explosion of the particle accelerator, but it's not like anyone's going to bring that question up to Wells anytime soon.

In the comics, Grodd changes into a meta-gorilla after a spaceship crash lands and the aliens inside basically gift him insane powers — which he uses for evil, of course. That's probably not going to happen on The Flash. More than likely, Wells and Eiling were working on genetically modifying him (Wells and Elling were basically working on his mental abilities at S.T.A.R. Labs) and have altered his mental/physical ability to become an all around evil meta-gorilla. Or, an even better theory, he became a meta-gorilla during the particle accelerator explosion, and I'd love to see Cisco try and wrap his brain around this one.

Now we know Grodd is loose in Central City, and it won't be long until others find his underground lair. He's also figured out how to write his name on the wall, so that alone shows an advanced mental capability. Who else is kinda really excited for Barry to try and defeat this villain?

Image: The CW