Will Daniel Sousa Turn Against 'Agent Carter' Now That He Knows Peggy's Secret?

Say it ain't so! Now that Daniel Sousa knows Peggy's secret on Agent Carter, is he going to turn her in? This is breaking my heart, you guys. Sousa's puppy love is one of my favorite things about this show. Enver Gjokaj is just so gosh darn charming that I don't want to believe anything bad about him, like ever. Sousa can't be a bad guy. It seems fitting that he would be the one to discover her secret. He is her best potential ally and the two really seem to understand each other. Anybody else, as the codebreaker pointed out in tonight's episode, would have shot Peggy first and asked questions later. I just hope that this discovery doesn't destroy their relationship in the process. Why can't we all just get along and love each other?

Turns out, it was Agent Thompson's practical joke that lead to Sousa cracking the case. Sousa walked in on Peggy changing in the men's locker room. You thought you'd seen that scene before in movies? You were wrong. While everyone else was galavanting in Russia, Sousa was at his desk. Without distractions, he was easily able to identify the birth marks he saw, or scars, on Peggy's back that matched with both her personnel file and the pictures of the unidentified blonde woman seen with Howard Stark. When the gang returned, he didn't confront Peggy or go straight to his bosses. He did not look betrayed. It looked as though he was still trying to think of his next move. Knowing that he's sweet on Miss Carter, I have a feeling that he's going to try to talk to Peggy himself first.

However, the promo for next week's episode, titled "A Sin To Err," shows everyone on the hunt for Peggy Carter, including Sousa. He's arresting her at gunpoint and everything. It's going to take me the whole week to prepare for this. I'm too stressed out already! How did everyone find out? Was it Sousa? Was it Jarvis? The butler looked like he was ready to turn on the operation as well.

Maybe Peggy can get Sousa on her side. Watch the clip below.

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Image: Matt Kennedy/ABC