What Is Naya Rivera's Next Project After 'Glee'? She Just Landed Two New Roles That Are Perfect For Santana Lopez

Glee may have downgraded Santana Lopez's character to a guest-starring spot for the final season, but the actress who portrays her has plenty of other projects on the horizon. Naya Rivera just landed a role on Devious Maids, and she'll also be returning several more times to co-host The View. It's a pretty big deal for the star, who hasn't really been in much since Glee launched her career back in 2009.

With her time as Santana drawing to a close, Rivera is finally free to take on new characters, and she's going to start with the role of maid on the popular Lifetime show Devious Maids. E! News reports that Rivera will play Bianca, "a new maid in the neighborhood who has landed a job with the seemingly picture-perfect Beverly Hills family. But she soon discovers a terrible secret — something that could change her life forever." No word on what the secret is, but fans can find out when Season 3 premieres later this year.

But Devious Maids isn't the only TV role Rivera has landed. Her much-talked about segments about showering and Justin Bieber on The View sparked so much interest that she's been asked back to the show. Deadline reveals that Rivera "will do several more episodes as co-host" in February because The View is pleased with the social media attention she's brought the show.

I feel like it's worth pointing out that most of that attention was negative, since Rivera insinuated that people of color don't shower as often as white people. But I guess The View feels like all press is good press, and they want Rivera back to keep the people talking.

I'm glad that the end of Glee doesn't mean the end of Naya Rivera's time on TV. Although I disagree with her previous statements on The View, I think she's a talented actress and I'm excited to see her take on new and unfamiliar roles as she continues to grow in this industry.

Image: santanalopezgif/Tumblr