Naya Rivera Disses Justin Bieber's Shirtless Selfies & Her Comments Are Surprisingly Sexist — VIDEO

To say that Justin Bieber takes a lot of selfies is an understatement. He's practically the king of iPhone self-portraits. And shirtless selfies? Well, those are his forte. Seriously, I think he has his shirt off more times than he has it on — especially lately, considering Bieber's recently launched Calvin Klein campaign. This isn't only an observation on my part — a certain Glee star agrees. On Friday's episode of The View, Naya Rivera dissed Justin Bieber's shirtless selfies, saying he looks like a "douchebag." Here's the full quote:

I care less about the photoshopping than I do with the shirtless selfie. It's annoying. You look like a douchebag. Girls don't want to date guys that are constantly in a mirror. Like, stop. Go fix something in the house. That's hotter.

While usually I'm not the first person to have Bieber's back, in this case, I'm going to say Rivera's comments are pretty offensive. I especially hate that she says, "Go fix something in the house. That's hotter." Is that a sexist comment or what? It's implying that guys are only attractive when repairing the house. If someone said, "OMG! Girls should go make sandwiches and take selfies of it. That's so hot," we'd all have a problem with that. It's just problematic and insulting.

Sure, Rivera is entitled to her opinion and I'm not taking it that seriously, considering it's about J. Biebs. At the same time, her comments tend to get her in trouble lately. Remember when Rivera dissed Kim Kardashian's Paper magazine shoot and said, "You're someone's mother." Whether or not someone has kids shouldn't stop them from taking whatever photos they want. I guess Rivera has a problem with selfie-shaming.

Another recent appearance on The View led to backlash when Rivera commented that white people shower more than "ethnics"... She later backtracked and tried to make her comment better by saying she was joking, but really, she kind of made it worse. Bringing up her strange shower opinions again on the Friday show, she referenced Bieber's hygiene too, saying, "Obviously he showers a lot because he had the towel around his waist. He just got out of the shower." Ugh! But then she clarified, "I love that he's clean. I'm just saying, stop with the shirtless."

Hmm, know what I think? Rivera should relax and let people live their lives — which includes showering and selfie-ing however much often they want!

If you want to see the Bieber diss for yourself, check out the full video below: