17 Female-Directed Films From SXSW 2015 That Everyone Needs To See

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Festivals like South By Southwest are perhaps the best places to discover new or yet unrecognized (often unduly) filmmakers. Free from the weights and shackles of hegemonic Hollywood and its proclivity toward turning a cold shoulder on women directors, the world of independent cinema is an especially opportune place to find blossoming female artistic voices.

This year's slate of SXSW films includes a good number of female-directed and -written projects, ranging quite a bit in form, genre, tone, and subject matter. We rifled through the films composing the Narrative and Documentary Competitions, the Headlining lineup, the Narrative and Documentary Spotlight lists, and the experimental category called "Visions," and pulled out a number of female-helmed titles. Be they delivered by veterans or newbies, these are some of the most exciting features to catch at this year's fest.

Image: Bright Pictures/Creativity Capital/Finite Films

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