Why Does Sam's Sister on 'HTGAWM' Hate Annalise? Hannah Keating Seems To Be Out For Blood

Even though the mid-season premiere of How to Get Away With Murder was more of a recap than anything else, we did meet a sure to be game-changing character in the final moments of the episode. Hannah Keating, Sam's sister, made her HTGAWM debut, and even though she had about 10 seconds of screen time, I think Annalise and the Keating 5 have something — or someone — to be worried about. Annalise looked anything but pleased to hear her sister-in-law was in town, and questioning Sam's "disappearance," and Hannah was quick to tell the police to not believe what Annalise has said, so what's the deal between these two?

In the preview for Thursday's episode, Hannah's presence seems to send shockwaves through Annalise's office. The Keating 5 are worried she'll uncover the truth as to what really happened, Annalise seems to be struggling with the fact that she now has to convince Hannah that Sam was a bad man, and even Frank doesn't like her snooping around. Hopefully we'll learn why Annalise and Hannah don't see eye-to-eye, as I would assume this would be a time in their lives that they would come together, but until we learn that... There's no reason not to speculate the issue between these two women.

Hannah's Mad at Annalise for Turning on Sam

Even though the marriage was rocky — to say the least — Annalise was maybe too quick to besmirch Sam's name just hours after his disappearance. I get that she did that dramatic phone call to the police to really sell the point of the potential murder he committed, but if I were Hannah, I'd probably be like, "Hey girl, what's the sitch with all this talk against Sam?"

Sam Told Hannah that He & Annalise Weren't Happy

We don't really know what the relationship between Sam and Hannah was before his death, but let's assume they corresponded occasionally. It's possible that Hannah was Sam's confidant in his failing marriage to Annalise, so perhaps Hannah could see Annalise using this opportunity to hurt her husband if he might have suggested he was planning to leave her.

Hannah Knows About Detective Nate

Maybe not specifically Detective Nate, but Hannah might very well know that there was infidelity happening on both sides of the marriage. When Sam and Annalise got together, Annalise was the "other woman," and perhaps Hannah is not too quick to forget that, leading her to not believe everything Annalise is saying.

Hannah's Intimidated By Annalise's Power

Maybe their issues are more of a personality clash. Maybe Hannah knows how Annalise can manipulate situations and she just doesn't want that to continue at the expense of her brother. Then again, Annalise could probably work her wielding power on Hannah and convince her Sam wasn't the man either of them thought he was.

Image: Mitch Haaseth/ABC; Giphy (4)