Olivia Pope Should Wear Polka Dots

Look, we've all grown to love Olivia Pope's penchant for crisp, bright whites — her gown from Fitz's inauguration? Her bathing suit from that secret island she was hiding on with Scruffy Jake? Her (very) extensive collection of fabulously moneyed coats? There's definitely a reason that there's an entire Olivia Pope-inspired collection made up mostly of ultra-fabulous and even more ultra-professional white articles of clothing. That said, it might be time for her to shake things up...with — wait for it — polka dots.

Give me a sec to explain — it's not that I don't love Olivia's style game. It's just that there's only one person capable of challenging the Olivia Pope Throne of Fashion — and that person is Kerry Washington (Article A: the fabulously futuristic, bell-shaped Mary Katrantzou she wore to the Golden Globes this year. Article B: The whimsical Stella McCartney she wore to the 2013 Teen Choice Awards. Article C: The entirety of the Django Unchained press tour. Article D...oh, you get the idea).

Basically, Washington's astounding style know-how is so immense that she's got me questioning my entire Olivia Pope Style Paradigm: When she wore (the most adorable ever) polka dot shift dress to the launch of Jennifer Meyer xo Jessica Alba/the launch of the spring edition of her Scandal /The Limited collaboration, it forced me to realize that the only way Olivia's style could possibly get better would be if she started taking notes from her off-screen counterpart's book. I mean, I'll let the evidence speak for itself:

Angela Weiss/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Olivia Pope, take note! (Also, how perfect is her purse for Valentine's Day?)

Images: Getty Images