Reasons To Be Excited For Meryl Streep's New Film

Look, I am unabashed sucker for anything Meryl Streep. Who isn't, am I right? I generally take the Cameron from Modern Family route with her: She can be whoever and/or whatever she wants and still win the game. I would very much like to see her play Batman. I'm also an unabashed sucker for Diablo Cody, and a big fan of the work of Jonathan Demme — so, add those together and you've got one person very, very psyched for the Streep/Cody/Demme collaboration Ricki and the Flash , which stars Streep as an aging rock star. I mean, how could this not be the greatest thing ever? C'mon!

Blessing us from the heavens (...or the pages of People Magazine) comes the first image from Ricki and the Flash , and it is...about twenty times better than what I was picturing. And did I mention that I was already the most excited? The image shows Meryl Streep lookin' like freakin' Stevie Nicks onstage and I feel like this is all I've ever dreamed of.

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this movie. In case you're hesitant to believe me, I've laid them out.

It Stars Meryl Streep



It Was Written By Diablo Cody


Look, say what you will about cutesy Juno dialogue, that movie was heartwarming, hilarious, and superb. For balance you should also check out Young Adult, which she also wrote, because it's great, and it gets notably darker with its main character. I cannot wait to see what she does with this one.

It Was Directed By Jonathan Demme


Silence Of the Lambs, Rachel Getting Married — I'm just sayin' Demme's got range. This movie follows a woman who abandoned her family to become a rock star, and who then returns home to make amends. So I'm betting we'll get some of the great emotional exploration that Rachel Getting Married served up, if not the freakiness of Silence Of the Lambs.

Mamie Gummer's Playing Streep's Daughter

Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As in life as it is in fiction, though hopefully with different emotional baggage?

Sebastian Stan and Kevin Kline Are In It, Too

Talented hotties, that's all I'm saying.

It's Another Movie Where Meryl Streep Sings

Mamma Mia wasn't exactly a critical hit but it was a good time; Into the Woods was more liked among critics and showed us a different side of her pipes. This is a third type: Rock and roll, baby. I can't wait to see her tear up a stage. If her song "The Last Midnight" from Into The Woods is any indication, she could kill a Zeppelin song.

There's No Way the Word "Oscar" Is Not Mentioned At Least Once Once This Movie Hits Theaters


It's waaaay too soon to tell if this will actually be a contender in an Oscar race — but with three Oscar-winners at its helm, it's at least lined up for a shot. Streep is nominated practically every time she breathes.

Meryl Streep Looks Rad. As. Hell.

I mean, DAMN GIRL.

Images: Getty Images [5]; Tawdrysquid/Tumblr